Written by Nick Strecker.

Why organizations struggle to execute strategy

Most organizations suffer from misaligned objectives, unclear goals and a lack of overview when executing their strategy, leading to sub-par results and organizations not reaching their full potential. Many firms continue to try to use outdated methods such as the Balanced-Scorecard Approach to manage their strategic performance, whilst using bulky and easily-forgotten Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to track their strategy execution. These methods are no longer effective in today’s agile and fast-paced business environment.

How Scientrix solves strategy execution issues

Scientrix provides a coherent and comprehensive solution to these issues with its proprietary software and strategy execution platform. The platform will allow your organization to turn its strategy into one connected plan by helping you:

  • Connect strategy with programs, initiatives and tasks
  • Align client plans to strategy
  • Define and measure success
  • Connect the organization
  • Implement a governance cycle

The platform is based on the matrix concept, which will allow you to cascade your organizations strategy from its inception all the way down to the individual tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis to achieve strategic objectives.

Why you should give the demo a chance

Strategy demos are facilitated by one of Scientrix’s highly experienced consultants and will allow you to gain a more in-depth understanding of what the platform can do for you and your organization. The demo will help you understand how and where the platform could be applied to make strategy execution more effective by examining a use case example and discussing the specific requirements of your organisation. The demo is also free and does not require you to make any long-term commitments to Scientrix. Many of our customers did however make a long-term commitment, calling the strategy demo an “awesome extension of the presales effort”, exemplifying why you should give a Scientrix strategy demo a chance.

How  do I sign up?

First you need to go to the Scientrix website at www.scientrix.com. On the top right side of the screen there is a green box that says “Book a Demo.” Click this box.

Scientrix website landing page
Scientrix Landing Page

After clicking the box, you will be taken to the page below, where you need to fill in your name, email, phone number, company name and a preferred data and time for the demo. A Scientrix consultant will soon after contact you to finalize meeting details and you will soon be on the path for more effective strategy execution.

Scientrix book a demo page
Book a Scientrix Demo

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