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An organization can be seen as a collection of groups of performance cells. Whether you’re a CEO or a managing executive, your ability to consistently maintain a comprehensive bird’s eye view of these performance cells is crucial.

It’s this bird’s-eye view that will enable you to make the right choices of where to play and how to win in order to successfully strengthen and grow the business.

When leaders find themselves overly engaged in a particular aspect of the business, they may lose sight of the bigger picture. Although there are times when focused attention may be necessary, a leader’s prolonged shortsightedness can weaken the momentum of a thriving organization, or worse, generate dysfunctional communications and operations.

Healthy organizations have leaders who understand the importance of connecting the dots. Maintaining a full-page view of the performance cells allows a leader to promptly identify and understand the strong and weak links amongst them, and offer strategic direction. Your ability as a leader to dive in when you identify weak links, engage employees in recommending solutions, delegate effectively and promptly return to the helm and your bigger-picture view will allow you to continue to serve your employees and organization well.

The rise of landscape theory in strategy and execution management in recent times is due to the realization that organizations cannot become more adaptive if leaders don’t have overview of the full picture and if the connections between the different parts are not understood, explored and optimized.

Landscape theory is the study of the different clusters of performance cells in an organization. Clusters of performance cells could be the company’s subsidiaries, its clients, product and services, suppliers, capabilities, processes and so on. In order to understand patterns and trends list views are not optimal. For this we need a true panoramic view (i.e. grid) and data & analytics.

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Click on any of the Matrix grids to expand the view.

Landscapes are not static but change all the time. A panoramic (grid) view enables leaders to detect changes/trends early and to respond proactively. Landscape can also be actively cultivated and shaped through the choices of what to include / exclude and where to optimize. Landscape can also be seen as ecosystems which means there are interdependencies and connections between different performance cells within a cluster and between the clusters itself.

We believe landscape theory and how it is applied in the domain of strategy & execution will become a key topic for large organizations to become more responsive.

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