Connect strategy, execution and impact

Scientrix is an innovative, agile management platform for leaders.

Deloitte’s transformation platform of choice.

Organizations around the globe have trusted Scientrix to bring clarity to their worlds.

A blueprint for business success

Through our unique plug-and-play architecture, supported by advanced data and analytics, we’ll allow you to model, execute and govern your area of responsibility in line with your organization’s strategy, while keeping the parts connected.

Make it easier to manage your area of responsibility.

Increasing complexity and demands on leaders in today’s uncertain and fast changing world make it very challenging to manage for results.

Adding to this is the proliferation of single purpose, non-integrated tools that really do not contribute to making the life of managers easier. Scientrix enables leaders to manage their complex world in one window frame and to easily make the connections.

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Create landscape overview of your critical portfolios.

Whether you’re a CEO or managing executive, your ability to maintain a bird’s eye view of the critical business components is essential in order to make the right choices of where to play and how to win.

A real-time overview and study of your client-, product-, channel-, supplier-, capability-, etc. landscapes will improve decision quality and enable agility on a strategic level.

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Connect and align teams to execute better.

Team misalignment and silo’s can lead to a chaotic working environment where people tend to loose sight of what they ultimately need to achieve and how they need to do it collectively.

In order to optimize productivity, Scientrix provides the ability to align teams to the desired objectives, whilst maintaining a strong link back to the organization’s strategic intent. It also enables teams to share intelligence and make the organization more agile.

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What makes our platform unique?

Through a flexible architecture, we help leaders to easily model the business, assign teams and coordinate the connection between teams for better results.

Performance Cells

Layered Grids

Shared Intelligence

Visionary organizations use Scientrix

Medium to large enterprises have trusted Scientrix to bring clarity to their worlds and to get things done more effectively and efficiently.

“Scientrix is a great tool for organizations looking to take strategy execution to the next level.”

Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting

“Scientrix helped land our business strategy across all tiers within the bank.”

Head of Marketing & Corporate Relations
CIB, Barclays Africa

“With Scientrix we are managing all our global, complex activities and strategies.”

Group CIO
SQS Software Quality Systems AG

Scientrix has given us visibility at all levels of business performance & knowledge management hub”

Project Coordinator
Airbus Helicopters

Managing a cost optimization program during and after COVID

As the economic fall-out of the COVID-19 crisis starts to become more clear and more real, companies need to urgently adjust their cost structures to the new reality to ensure survival and sustainability.