What problems
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Governing the organization

You are concerned that the Board has insufficient overview and clarity on the critical issues to effectively fulfil its oversight role. Enormous time and effort is put into the preparation of Board packs that nobody really reads. Directors have increasing personal risk and fear of failure and reputational damage.

Transforming the organization

You need to drive strategic change across multiple dimensions of the business and make sure that the program and project portfolio delivers the desired impact within the required time frame. You struggle to maintain overview and obtain consistent real-time execution feedback.

Integrating organizations

You have been or planning to go through a merger or an acquisition and the business architecture of the 2 organizations need to be integrated in order to deliver the promised synergy potential. You are concerned about the speed of integration and achieving the synergy target or you are concerned about clearing up the mess of prior mergers and acquisitions.

Driving client centricity across the organization

You need to put the client at the centre of everything we do but you struggle to re-direct the focus and efforts of the organization. You understand the importance of client journeys and value streams but you lack overview across multiple client journeys and fail to manage them effectively. It is also difficult to align the organization’s processes to the client journeys.

Building organizational capabilities

You are concerned that the organization does not have the capabilities to consistently deliver value to all stakeholders and to execute on the strategy in the most efficient and effective way possible. Your cost are too high, you are losing customers and employees are dis-engaged.

Growing the organization

You have ambitious growth targets and need to clearly understand and define where you want to play on a more granular level. You want to decentralize management but maintain overview and transparency on the performance of these growth cells and the implementation progress of initiatives.

Managing the organization

You are concerned about the effective management of teams in your organization. The organization is not aligned towards the strategy, roles and expectations are not clear enough, there is little coordination between agile teams, impact is not visible and change is slow in the organization.

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