How Scientrix works.

A new approach to Business Architecture.

Design the model that works for you.

What overarching problem do you want to solve within your business? Is it about transformation? More streamlined corporate governance? Becoming more client centric? Whatever it is, we offer a range of models to suit each different scenario, training in how to design a suitable model or refer you to our partner network.

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Plot concepts into a matrix-grid.

Our matrix-grid allows you to organize and align different moving parts, so that you can see the bigger picture. It lets you plot the many aspects of your business – whether it’s strategic objectives, regions, products or channels – and see the relationships between them. If the model is very complex you can layer the solution on various levels. It’s highly customizable to suit your specific business context.

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Turn each concept into a performance cell.

Each concept in a grid can be managed for optimum value. Therefore a concept can be turned into a performance cell. Performance cells are elements in the matrix-grid which enable a full management cycle and contain team members, goals, metrics, analytics, initiatives, tasks, resources, documents and more.

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Implement and manage your projects.

Once you have defined your initiatives, clarify purpose, invite the project team and determine an overall budget for your initiative/project.
Break the initiative down into tasks and sub-tasks.

For each task set a time-line, assign responsibility and track progress.

As you encounter problems, log, track and manage issues and risks.

Use the project task-board to prioritize and track tasks through stages from backlog to completion. Manage and report on your project by setting health status and add notes to explain the current status. Generate project reports to communicate project status to stakeholders.

Govern your portfolio of performance cells.

Every grid can be seen as a portfolio of performance cells that needs to be managed for higher value and therefore it is important to prioritize performance cells based on their value potential. Set-up regular sessions with team members to review the status of the portfolio using data and analytics.

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