Aligned Finance Strategy

Design a strategy on how Finance can deliver and make a contribution to the business strategy.

execute a strategy aligned finance strategy strategy framework scientrix


  1. Create a locked matrix

  2. Define the vision for Finance in relation to the corporate strategy.

  3. Plot the desired outcomes of Finance across the X-axis. (Include KPIs with targets).

  4. Define the high level responsibility areas within the Finance department and plot them on the Y-axis.

  5. Describe how each responsibility area contributes to the financial strategy (i.e. desired outcomes of Finance) in the intersects.

  6. Cascade each responsibility area to the second level.

  7. Define the mid-level responsibility areas in the Finance department on the Y-axis.

  8. Describe how each of the mid-level responsibility areas contributes to the strategic contributions of the high-level responsibility area.

  9. Continue cascading strategy until the lowest level is reached.


  • Assign personal or team responsibility for each area.

  • When cascading strategy follow the existing reporting structure and cascade from the executive director to managers to employees on the lowest level.

  • Ensure that each intersect speaks directly to the desired strategic outcome and build initiatives accordingly.


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