Launch a New Product

Drive a successful product launch within a market.

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  1. Define the vision behind the product launch in the upper left corner.

  2. Define the desired outcomes of the product launch and map them across the X-axis.

  3. Describe and define each step of the launch process and map them on the Y-axis.

  4. Describe how each step in the launch process contributes to the achievement of each of the desired launch outcomes.

  5. Cascade each intersect into 2nd level matrices and break the launch outcome down into the primary delivery objectives.

  6. Break the launch process down into it’s individual steps and map them on the Y-axis.

  7. Brainstorm initiatives that will help realize the desired outcomes of the product launch.

  8. Develop KPIs for all the initiatives to reach the desired outcomes.


  • Don't worry about empty intersects.

  • Focus on the objective behind the launch of the product rather than the objective behind the product itself.

  • Ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the brainstorming session.


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