Become a Client Centric Organization

Become an outward focused organization that puts the needs of the client first and that collaborates to fulfill these needs.

design a program become a client centric organization framework scientrix


  1. Map the vision and purpose in the upper left corner.

  2. Map the core client groups / segments on the X-axis.

  3. Map the Business Processes, Products or Channels on the Y-axis.

  4. Brainstorm and define what would make each Business Process, Product or Channel more client centric for each of the client groups.

  5. Cascade each intersect into 2nd level matrices and plot the brainstormed client centricity objectives along the X-axis.

  6. Break down your business process, product or channel into it’s individual elements and map them along the Y-axis.

  7. Define what success means for each client centricity intersect (KPI’s).

  8. Define key initiatives in each intersect to achieve the client centricity objective.


  • Start with identifying areas with high customer complaints to help with prioritization.

  • Work with the 80 / 20 principle to address key issues first and leave less important intersects empty initially.

  • Keep initiatives (projects) to 100 day work packages.


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