Program Portfolio

Optimize a portfolio of programs and projects to gain better returns on investment.

MATRIX TYPE: Locked or Unlocked
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  1. Define the common purpose in the upper left corner. Define a clear understanding of the common purpose (inspirational) and ultimate goal (aspirational).

  2. Define the strategic objectives on the X-axis. These are the objectives an organization should aim to achieve in order to drive success. Strategic objectives should be well described, have no overlaps (Follow MECE principle) and include measurable with realistic targets.

  3. Define the key strategies of the organization on the Y-axis. The key strategies are the highest level focus areas or execution priorities of the organization.

  4. Define the programs in the intersects. The main purpose of the intersect is to facilitate the thinking and conceptualization required to decompose large scale strategies into manageable sized programs that contain clear outcomes.

  5. Develop the program charters within each intersect. In order to know if programs are successful we need to assess the current state and define the future state. Therefore, it is important to identify ONE clear goal for each project with a clear delivery road map as well as 2 or 3 KPIs with targets and actuals. Additionally each program should include a program leader and a team to ensure collective effort.

  6. Cascade each intersect to the second level and break down the program into its key objectives. Plot the objectives across the X-axis.

  7. Break the Execution priority of the program down into its functional areas and map them along the Y-axis of your 2nd level matrix.

  8. Repeat step 5 in your second level matrices developing initiatives, KPIs and milestones.


  • Make the breakdown from programs and projects to initiatives, milestones and tasks very clear through time allocations.

  • Start with the existing programs and build them out in the matrix to make things clear./p>

  • Be sure that the vision is both attainable and ongoing.


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