Seamless Program Collaboration

Align responsibility areas with program outcomes and ensure effective strategy execution.

MATRIX TYPE: Locked on more levels
cascade a strategy having seamless program collaboration strategy framework scientrix


  1. Step 1: Map the vision and purpose in the upper left corner.

  2. Step 2: Map the strategic priorities / programs on the X-axis with KPIs.

  3. Step 3: Map the organizational units on the Y-axis.

  4. Step 4: Brainstorm and define the contribution that is expected from each area in the intersects.

  5. Step 5: Define what success means for each contribution.

  6. Step 6: Cascade process to next level of the organization.

  7. Step 7: Define ideas and link to the next level of the organization.

  8. Step 8: Filter and prioritize ideas and allocate budget to projects.

  9. Step 9: Move prioritized projects to planning stage.

  10. Step 10: Plan projects and move to execution stage.

  11. Step 11: Manage execution of projects.


  • Cascade in line with the organization structure.

  • Set clear and challenging targets for strategic programs.

  • Clarify the governance over the matrix.

  • Keep initiatives (projects) to 100-day work packages.


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