Embedding a Value System Across the Organization

Cascade the values of the organization to create a strong sense of ONE-ness culture.

MATRIX TYPE: Locked on more levels
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  1. Conduct strategic analysis.

  2. Describe the overall vision and purpose of the organization - articulate the overall vision and purpose in not more than 5 words.

  3. Define the organizational values the organization wants to achieve cross functionally in line with what drives the value of the company.

  4. Define the goals, KPIs and targets for each outcome.

  5. Map and describe the role of each organizational unit on the Y-axis. The description will contain the key responsibilities of each manager.

  6. Brainstorm together with all heads of departments the contribution that each area can make to entrench behaviors that are in line with the desired values.

  7. Define the goals, KPIs and targets of each intersect.

  8. Cascade the locked Y-axis to the second level for each organizational unit and map the structure of the organizational unit on the Y-axis of the second level matrices.

  9. Managers must discuss the contents of Step 5 & 6 with their teams and plot them out on the second level matrices in their relevant intersects.

  10. Highlight the critical pain points and define initiatives to close these points.


  • Make sure that you do not overwhelm the organization. Keep objectives below 5 on the X-axis

  • It is important to brainstorm together in order to get alignment but each manager must own his or her contribution.

  • Align the story - this means using coherent language across departments. It must be crystal clear how the contribution of each area will impact on the overall goals.

  • Integrating proper data and analytics is critical to arrive at the right initiatives.

  • Limit the number of KPIs per intersect - not more than 2 or 3.

  • Be clear on who is responsible to man the KPIs.

  • Each manager should be responsible to cascade the strategy in the same way down to the next level.


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