SWOT Analysis

Discover opportunities and threats, manage and eliminate threats across the business.

analyze the environment oppotunities and threats from external environment strategy framework scientrix


  1. Map the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on the X-axis.

  2. Map the organizational units on the Y-axis.

  3. Conduct research on the organizational position considering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  4. Analyze the research and map a conclusion in each intersect.

  5. Define critical initiatives that need to be taken to leverage opportunities or mitigate threats and capture them in the matrix intersects.


  • Your SWOT analysis must be in the context of a specific goal - this can be your vision, your 5 year objective, your specific product objective or a market pursuit.

  • Summarize your weaknesses by understanding the root causes of your problems.

  • Be careful in stating your strengths - if they are on par with competitors, they are not strengths. This analysis is trying to determine what is unique.

  • Strengths & weaknesses are perceived differently across the organization. Gather staff input in workshops. Provide proof of the final list through market analytics, customer responses, benchmarking, etc.

  • Build and prioritize the strategies and initiatives arising from the analysis with the organization - working from a first draft.


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