The leading solution for OKR’s

Define aspirational Objectives and Key Results, align teams and scale agile in order to engage employees and expedite strategy execution.

Provide a space in which all team members and managers can work together towards a common goal.

With Scientrix you can align Key Results to Aspirational Objectives and ultimately to strategic goals, monitor progress, reflect and scoreand share success.

OKRs has proven to be an effective and easy to implement approach. When organizations implement OKRs the right way, they can see enormous results in terms of increased employee productivity, focus and improved company culture. 

Flexibly designand align objectives and key results

Create multiple maps and flexibly align OKR’s in a way that works for your organisation.

Scale agile the simple way across the organisation

Get from objective to task in no time and sustain the link between outcome and actions Integrate with JIRA where needed.

Track progress to goals.

Measure success in real-time

Flexibly configure and visual metrics. Create custom analytics using ready available data and projected forecasts. Build custom metric calculations and pull-in data from other external sources with ease.

Embed data and analytics.

Empower teams to do better.

Make it easy for teams to access data and analytics giving them reliable and consistent performance feedback. Teams are able to adapt faster and adjust actions to continuously achieve their objectives successfully.

Scientrix empowers the organisation to achieve their objectives and deliver measures on-time

This is one of the most brilliant methods of aligning and communicating large organisations’ goal.

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Additional benefits

  • Secure and enterprise ready platform with single sign-on
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Multipurpose platform that goes beyond OKR management and includes strategy and operating model management.
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