Customising grid features

Welcome to the Scientrix quick overview tutorial on Customising grid features. ///

There are two options when editing the display features of a grid. In the first method open the chosen grid and click on “Edit”. This will open “Grid edit mode” and from here you can edit the number of columns and rows and add shading. ///

You can also insert columns to either the left or right, highlight or delete a column and add labels, the same applies to rows. Labels can also be merged across columns or rows. ///

To save your changes, click on the “Edit” button again to release it. ///

In the second method you can edit the visual characteristics of the elements by hovering over a grid and clicking on the “More” icon. In the drop-down menu you can choose to customise the shape, colour or colour display of an element. ///

You can change the order of elements by dragging and dropping them across the grid. ///

To prioritise an element, click on the “More” icon and select “edit”. In the pop-up window find “Mark as priority” and click on save. ///

A red flag will now appear to the side of your element. ///

To download a screen capture of your new layout, simply click on “Generate PDF”

For more help and support, visit our Help Centre from any page on your Scientrix account.

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