Building a new grid

Welcome to the Scientrix quick overview tutorial on Building a new grid. To add content to your newly created grid, click on the one you wish to edit. ///

This will open up on an empty grid. ///

To add a new element, hover over a grid intersection and you will see a “Plus” symbol. Clicking on the symbol will provide two options, either Add a new element or Link an existing element. ///

If this is your first grid, you will not see any elements in your library to link. We’ll choose “Add an element” and in the pop-up window, we’ll give the element a name and description. ///

You can now either save the element or choose to customise the person responsible, the layout style, priority and shareability. If you are not yet sure, you can always change this later. ///

You will now see your newly created element in your grid. You can create as many of these as you need. ///

For more help and support, visit our Help Centre from any page on your Scientrix account.

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