Adding an Initiative

Welcome to the Scientrix quick overview tutorial on adding an initiative. To add a new initiative, click on “Initiatives” in the navigation bar on the left and then click “Add new”. In the pop-up window give your initiative a name, a description and choose a person responsible. Select your priority, stage, resource requirements and colour. Now click save. ///

You will now see your new initiative listed with the basic information overview. You can also view initiatives in Kanban by clicking on the icon. ///

You can also drag and drop the initiative through the stages of execution. ///

To edit an initiative, click on the name to edit any of the elements in the overview page using the same steps followed in the previous tutorials for adding team members, editing descriptions, adding KPI’s and graphs. ///

You can edit your budget in this section. ///

You can also manage the health status of the initiative by manually updating the progress, overall status, in time, in budget, in quality and in commitment indicators. You can leave comments to keep track of changes over time. ///

For more help and support, visit our Help Centre from any page on your Scientrix account.

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