Adding a task

Welcome to the Scientrix quick overview tutorial on adding a task. To add a new task, click on “Tasks” in the navigation bar on the left and then click on “Add new”. In the pop-up window give your task a name and complete the required information. Remember to specify the stage of the task for example backlog, to do, doing and done. ///

Your new tasks will now appear in a list format. You can choose between different views such as Kanban and calendar views by selecting the appropriate icon in the top right-hand corner.  ///

You can also drag and drop tasks through the different stages of execution. ///

To group tasks under sprints, you have to create a new task for example “Sprint 1”. Then create the subtasks and assign them to the “parent task” that you just created. ///

These tasks will now fall under “Sprint 1”. You can also change the colour of the subtask to easily identify them. ///

For more help and support, visit our Help Centre from any page on your Scientrix account.

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