Adding a KPI

Welcome to the Scientrix quick overview tutorial on Adding a KPI. Key performance indicators or KPI’s are a great way to measure performance. ///

To add a new KPI click on “Metrics” in the navigation bar, now click on “Add new” and choose any of the options. Base KPI’s are the lowest level, they can be aggregated through sum or to Calculated KPI’s. For now, we’ll start with the Base KPI. ///

Give your KPI a name and description and choose your scope options. Now select your type of KPI and whether it will be measured in currency, days, hours etc. ///

Choose between Cumulative or non-cumulative ///

Select your KPI measurement frequency, choose between monthly, quarterly, semesterly or yearly. ///

Select the number of decimals. ///

Here you can also assign a contributor and choose team members responsible. Click on “Save” to proceed. You will now see your new KPI under “Metrics”///

For more in-depth help see the KPI Automatic Status Updates and Thresholds in the KPI Management Section of our help center. ///

To add data to your KPI click on the “more” icon and select “Edit Values”. In the pop-up window you can add the Actual versus Target data and click save. ///

You can instantly visualize the KPI in a graphic format by clicking on the graph icon. From here you can view the responsible team members and leave comments. You can also export your graph in PDF format. ///

For more help and support, visit our Help Centre from any page on your Scientrix account.

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