Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Scientrix Generate Reports?

Almost everything that you see on the screen can be printed via a PDF capability in the form of a button on each page.

  • Initiatives and Measurements can be exported to Excel or csv.

  • Exception reports can be created through filtering options and exported to Excel, csv and PDF.

  • KPI Graphics can be exported to PDF or JPEG format.

Does Scientrix Integrate With Other Systems?

  • We provide a standard restful API for KPI data.

  • For initiatives integration can be done via publish/subscribe messaging.

  • Singe-Sign-On can be done using the SAML standard.

  • These options need to be customized for each client.

What Kind of Security Does Scientrix Offer Our Data?

  • As a standard each system instance is SSL/TLS protected.

  • If required we can provide a fully encrypted system instance.

  • We have role-base access.

  • Single-Sign-On via SAML is possible.

  • Very secure infrastructure.

  • We have periodic penetration testing.

  • We comply with data security requirements from clients such as Volkswagen, Bayer and Barclays.

Who Hosts Scientrix and can it be Hosted Internally?

  • As a standard Scientrix is hosted by Hetzner either in South Africa or in Germany ( or Hetzner is the leading independent hosting provider in South Africa and Germany.

  • In-house hosting is possible if economically feasible but requires secure remote access for Scientrix to ensure adequate support. Technical requirements are available upon request.

Do we get the Upgrades or do we Pay Extra?

  • Scientrix has at least 3 releases or release updates per year which are all included in the standard subscription fee.

  • Any customer specific requirements outside of our development pipeline will be scoped and costed separately.

Who has Access to the Information?

  • Role based sign in.

  • You have read-only, team, responsible, co responsible or admin rights.


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