Create landscape overview of your critical portfolios.

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The faster the environment is changing, the more critical it is for organisations to have a panoramic overview of their performance cells and to define strategies over landscapes.

A lack of holistic landscape overview at a granular level prevents leaders to recognize and respond early to emerging trends & risks and negatively impacts the decision quality on where to play and how to win.

Scientrix provides the ability to easily map, draw intelligence and insights from and make the connections between landscape portfolios such as clients, products, channels, distributors, suppliers, capabilities, programs, projects and more. Scientrix also provides the ability to manage change initiatives within and across these landscape portfolios.

Client Portfolio Overview

Visualize the your client portfolio, discover trends and recognize opportunities

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Manage portfolios for higher value.

  • Identify patterns and trends in the portfolio
  • Benchmark between portfolio elements
  • Monitor performance of the portfolio over time
  • Drive synergies within the portfolio
  • Evaluate the impact of including / excluding portfolio elements
  • Define & manage improvement programs over the portfolio
  • Flexibly aggregate portfolios into different views and structures
  • Easily share elements between portfolios

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Case: Increase revenue from client portfolio

The CEO of a large consulting company decided to implement Scientrix:

  • to track client health, client strategies and potential client offerings to match the current and future client needs
  • to gain an overview of the performance of all the key clients across all regions
  • to drive the cross-selling to key clients through improved collaboration between the different service lines
  • to roll-up the value of project / revenue opportunities to evaluate the gap to the financial targets
  • to have a single source of information for the tracking of key account strategies and initiatives
“The implementation of Scientrix drove critical conversations between industry and service lines to the benefit of our clients and the benefit of our firm. The transparency on opportunity performance enabled our leadership team to intervene earlier when things were not going into the right directions. The visual simplicity enabled focused discussions and alignment amongst teams.”

Leon Kok, CFO Redefine property Group

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