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By Cathleen Benko

Organizations are struggling for greater return on their multibillion-dollar technology and project-related investments. Individual projects may be useful, but when examined collectively, they often work at cross-purposes, duplicate each other’s efforts, or aim for obsolescing business objectives. And all are competing for scarce resources. In today’s earnings-driven business environment, companies must look to their portfolios to better deliver on objectives and propel the organization forward. Based on their experience with a variety of companies, authors Cathleen Benko and distinguished professor F. Warren McFarlan have developed an alignment approach that better connects an organization’s project portfolio to its corporate objectives in a manner responsive to today’s unpredictable environment.”Connecting the Dots” provides a scalable framework and practical tools for better aligning a company’s: project portfolio with its objectives; individual projects with each other; and portfolio and objectives with the volatile environment. Better-aligned companies enhance business/technology performance by increasing shareholder value and confidence and improving the portfolio’s return on investment. This in-the-trenches guidebook helps companies capture this latent value while building a more adaptive organization. Cathleen Benko is Braxton’s Global e-Business Leader. F. Warren McFarlan is the Senior Associate Dean and Albert H. Gordon Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

Connecting the dots is available for order from Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/Connecting-Dots-Aligning-Objectives-Unpredictable/dp/15785187

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