Connect and align teams to execute strategy

Align Teams Final Full Version 1 Scientrix | Connect and align teams to execute strategy

Scientrix provides a unique way to align and connect teams to strategy using a simple, layered matrix approach which is highly visual and therefore easy to understand, communicate and to manage. 

The platform enables the organization to manage multiple operating models and to share components and intelligence between them.

The increasing speed of change and complexity make it difficult for leaders to keep teams aligned and to maintain the connection between strategy, execution and impact.

A lack of alignment and connections can lead to tremendous waste of efforts when the strategy points to the North, the execution drives to the South and impact is measured in the East. The need to manage change and to manage business-as-usual bring additional complexity.

Align functional objectives

Align cross-functional programs

Align self-organised teams

OKR Final Full Version 2 Scientrix | Connect and align teams to execute strategy

Managing OKRs with Scientrix.

Nurture a positive mindset in your organisation through goal setting.

Get real-time feedback on how objectives and measures are progressing. Adapt to your each individual in your teams execution preferences by finding a hybrid between pure agile and traditional project. Flexibly configure metrics, create your own analytics, develop custom calculations and pull-in data easily from multiple sources.

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Align teams for increased speed and agility.

  • Orchestrate the ambitions of leaders across the organization
  • Increase clarity on what we trying to achieve and how to get there
  • Increase collaboration between teams & team members
  • Obtain real-time execution feedback on the strategy
  • Stretch the quality of thinking in the teams
  • Reduce waste and duplication of efforts
  • Reduce frictions in the team by minimizing overlaps

Scientrix Team Alignment Align Functional Objectives 2 1 Scientrix | Connect and align teams to execute strategy

Case: Digitally transform the bank

The CEO and COO of a large corporate and investment bank decided to implement Scientrix:

  • to speed-up the design and deploy of a digital transformation strategy in the bank
  • to create an environment where every employee feels that he/she is part of the change journey
  • to align agile teams across the organization to focus efforts on enabling client success
  • to move away from large multi-year programs to smaller, time-boxed deliverables
  • to move away from traditional, overly complex and overly controlled program and project management software to a more agile and nimble approach
“We previously had a significant number of initiatives running within our organization. We now have a smaller more focused list, with a clear line of accountability and link to the strategy capability they deliver.”

COO and transformation team of CIB

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