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Design and Execute a Finance Strategy

Written by Rentia Muell. Finance and integrated Risk Management Finance and integrated risk management is a discipline that includes the setting of the financial destination for the organization and advising on the selection of strategic options to reach that outcome. It further encompasses the development of financial plans to ensure that the organization delivers on the

Advanced Program Management with Scientrix

Written by Nadia Kaiser. Posted in Blog. Clarify the strategic ambitions Getting people to understand and buy-in to the strategic ambitions is a challenge in most organisations. Without this buy-in the likelihood of successful strategy execution is low. The Scientrix digital solution provides the following crucial benefits for clarifying the strategic ambitions: Enable colleagues to provide input

Experimenting with the Balanced Scorecard

Written by Nadia Kaiser. Cognitive Tensions Cognitive tensions, also known as cognitive contradictions, occur when the mind is confronted with two or more contradictory ideas that come together. This stimulates the mind and forces us to think which leads us to making new connections or insights. In business, organizational tools are used to purposefully create cognitive tensions to motivate reframing

Apply a Simple Rule to Improve the Effectiveness of Your PMO

Written by Manfred Muell. The Problem When looking at the program / project portfolio management from our clients we often hear, “we start many projects and initiatives, but we are having trouble seeing them through to the end” as an explanation for poor performance. This means projects get kicked-off due to urgent needs and then get

Why Registering for a Scientrix Demo Will Change the Way Your Business Executes Strategy

Written by Nick Strecker. Why organizations struggle to execute strategy Most organizations suffer from misaligned objectives, unclear goals and a lack of overview when executing their strategy, leading to sub-par results and organizations not reaching their full potential. Many firms continue to try to use outdated methods such as the Balanced-Scorecard Approach to manage their strategic

A Collaborative Approach to Make Strategy Management Happen

Written by Rentia Muell. With the economy remaining in a tight position, many organizations are looking for a more innovative approach to strategy formulation and execution. What the more progressive organizations are looking for in Strategy Management is REACH, RICHNESS, SPEED and EXECUTION. One of the largest banks in Africa is one of these early adopters