Power Your Vision

Good leaders have a vision, an intention, a purpose, even a massive transformational purpose (MTP). For the visionaries this is the exciting part of the conversation, being able to paint the virtual picture of an amazing world. Articulating a purpose in sufficient detail for a common understanding and source of inspiration. Breaking down the components of organizational, client, product and capability strategy, trying to disseminate all the thoughts into a transparent format and connection to the teams with sufficient ownership to continue the inspiration. Bridging the gap between the existing organization and the future, illustrating the component strategies, initiatives, measurements and tasks to make up the plan.

So just having a vision is not enough, the hard part is managing the move from where we are now to where we want to be, the day to day process of transparent problem solving, connecting and managing organizational performance. An inspired workforce is a productive workforce and connected leaders inspire people, hence powering the vision is just as important as the vision itself. There are of course many ways to power this vision, communication and connection being a major component, leaders don’t have the capacity to personally engage with every employee, and this may not be the most effective method in today’s virtual world anyway. Digital tools have made it possible to articulate vision, plans and objectives with stakeholders, enable real participation and open dialogue to form meaningful virtual relationships in the most efficient way.

For me having a vision is part of life’s excitement, a perception of the future, with a deliberate intention of earth and stars, and enough space for deeper thinking and serendipity. Whilst noting that even as an individual this visionary way is significantly influenced by digital channels. So it makes logical sense that leaders and organizations with a vision, aiming to connect across a wide range of individuals, teams, communities and locations, can really utilize digital tools to their advantage to drive performance.

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