Adapt strategy and operating models faster

The matrix is a way to structure, break- down and connect concepts in a simple and fast way aligned to an overarching ambition.

Make data drivenstrategic decisions.Map where to play and how to win. Adapt strategies and goal setting faster from real time execution feedback.

With Scientrix, executives can  obtain a comprehensive birds eye view of their critical landscapes. They are able to share their strategy over the landscapes, make connections and get real time feedback on execution in order to adjust strategies faster.

Create visibility across the strategic landscapes.

Identify patterns and generate insights from data and analytics.

Mapstrategic choices over the landscape, share and get insights from broader collaboration

Turns aspirations into OKR’s and measure progress to goals.

Align and deploy OKR’s with speed in the organisation using a matrix in a matrix architecture.

Prioritise the lean portfolio on all levels andstage using Kanbans and portfolio dashboards.

Benefits of adaptive strategy and execution

Realize your program benefits faster

Eliminate duplications

Avoid large scale re-organization

Consolidate your tool landscape

Increase management productivity

Deploy best strategy and execution practices fast.

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